⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠CM Arvind Kejriwal directs CS to take the following steps immediately:


1. Put up hoardings all over the city with complaint numbers of all three DISCOMS.
2. Increase capacity of discoms call centre handling public complaints.
3. Power department team should record , transcribe and analyse each complaint call for public satisfaction. A report of the unscheduled power cut should be presented to me every morning 11 am for the previous day.
4. List scheduled power cuts on the DISCOMS website.
5. Send SMS to all affected on the unscheduled power cuts.
6. The file of compensation to be paid to every consumer by DISCOMS for power cuts o more than 2 hours to be placed before the LG today itself for approval. I am meeting him tomorrow and would discuss the same if he has any doubts. Earlier the high court stuck down the compensation as the file was not approved by the previous LG.

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