Aam Aadmi Party Press Conference on #NDTVRaids



Relieved to see that there are journalists who have the courage to speak the truth.

Irrespective of our difference in opinions, we’re proud that there is a channel like NDTV whose editorial line is independent.

It’s ironical that all media houses are maintaining silence on this attack on media.

Ashish Khetan-

State Machinery is continuously being used to crush dissent.
Licenses of 30,000 NGOs cancelled, Social Activists being targeted by CBI.

Today’s CBI raid proves that the current govt will use anything against those who don’t allign with BJP’s Agenda.

Those who have fell in line have been rewarded with ownerships of channels & similar benefits.

This will not stop at Prannoy Roy, this will continue. They say Prannoy Roy was under debt.

There are 7-8 families which owe much more.

Adani owes more than 70,000+ Cr
Ambani owes more than 50,000+ Cr
Gautam Adani – money laundering scam – DRAI(check) report.

Why isn’t CBI used against such miscreants?

I really hope all journalists atleast stand  firmly with Prannoy Roy, NDTV & free speech to save democracy

Deepak Bajpayi

It is deeply saddening that the fourth pillar of democracy is in danger now.

This is the time that all journalists stand up & save NDTV & free speech.⁠⁠⁠⁠

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