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AAP Express is a special interest group which believes in Governance Of The People, By The People, For The People. Our team firmly believes that the solutions of the problems of the country are in the hands of the people of this nation & through revolutionary ideas like ‘Swaraj Bill’, power can be prevented to be mis-used for the profit of the corporate-political nexus. The team will also talk around the country politics & constructively criticizing all big & small political parties as per feedback from our audience.AAP Express identifies the AAP Govt. in Delhi to be leading this effort of pro-people Governance, especially with its focus on reducing the gaps in Health & Education System. The group is right now engaged in running various channels on the internet to spread the efforts done by the Aam Aadmi Party & its Government in Delhi.The AAP Express Family is open to new members, and we promise a healthy environment for all men, women, children & old who want to dedicate a few hours to selfless service of the nation

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“नजर भी, खबर भी”

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