Anniversary of Delhi-Haryana Water War :: how AAP did this year, can we do better next?


After I started following the work done by AAP in Delhi, I saw this problem occurred at least once in every year. While this problem is not new to Delhi, but this is third consecutive year when I heard about it. Following are some news articles from 2015 and 2016. You can find more coverage on this by searching on internet. 

Water shortage due to Jat protest in Feb 2016 was a man made disaster, but other than that, who is responsible for? It took weeks of time for government to negotiate and a year later, same issue. If this problem occurs every year, I’m doubtful if both the parties have a proper plan A, B and C. After seeing the tussle between AAP govt in Delhi and BJP govt in Haryana, we can’t deny that it can also be politically motivated. In both the years, it took at least 2 weeks for the governments to solve the issue, even Delhi govt they had to threaten to cut water supply to VIP areas for equal distribution; and this announcement accelerated and solved the problem. So, if our loved politicians were worried about their low priority citizen, they would have taken necessary steps at beginning. 

Year 2017 is here so the summer. As usual, it happened again. But story was different this time, AAP was ready to face it with two previous year shocks. They immediately wrote to LG Delhi, Haryana govt, central govt and took necessary steps with a precautionary threat to our loved ones. This prompt and proper actions by Delhi govt with Haryana govt solved this dispute in 2 days and water got released on third day (link). So, if problem is solved without extra rain/season then what was motto at the first place? politics? 

The 2017 water crisis has not been much into debates because it did not last long. Another issue was Kapil Mishra issue because media houses were busy in debating crisis in AAP. As Kapil Mishra allegations were proving to be wrong, we can’t deny the possibility that BJP ruled Haryana govt knowingly stopped the water supply to bring back the AAP in the criticism. Either there was genuine reason that Haryana govt saved its lifeline water in 2 days or opposition didn’t expect to solve this so quickly. Here they forgot that this new party is hungry to learn lessons from their mistakes and decisions. 

Delhi AAP govt is making the difference in education (because they have complete control). I believe, at the same time, they are also learning from previous mistakes and incidents. The solution of water crisis in 2 days can be perfect example of this learning process. 

 We can continue discussing if AAP will survive or not. Even if it dies after two years from now, I may not care. But when it comes to its citizens, both state governments should find a permanent solution. Haryana govt agreed in Dec 2014 to find a solution (means there was water crisis in and before Dec 2014) and stop playing politics over this. Our fourth pillar should also stand up together and provide a platform for discussion among different parties including not only politicians, but also experts/analytics who can provide best solution under such crisis. Some of our fellow citizens had already proposed some suggestions (e.g. Suggestion 2014, Suggestion 2011, some of them might be irrelevant by now). If such yearly dispute do not happen in future, it’s same govt, courts and staff; they can be useful to work on another project for better India. 
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