Beyond the bounds of Possibility, Kejriwal Govt. have for the first time in years managed to REDUCE THE ELECTRICITY RATES.


“जो कहा, सो किया”

Elections are about bijli, sadak, paani. Things that are basic concerns of Indians.  Something the present Government at NCT of Delhi has literally taken upon themselves to deliver. Beyond the bounds of Possibility, they have for the first time in years managed to REDUCE THE ELECTRICITY RATES.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal seems to have finally managed to shut up his critics and earn new laurels by pushing the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) to desist from its regular annual hikes in electricity rates for the first time in many years.

His continuous efforts to focus on more efficient management of the distribution network and reduce leakages seems to be finally paying off.

Implementation of the audit findings of 2005 and Good Governance has finally lead to a dramatic reduction in the financial liabilities of the DISCOMS, resulting in a significant reduction in the burden on consumers.

Condition before: —

The Delhi electricity sector was in dire straits with consumers and firms having to suffer through frequent rationing and outages.

Electricity being largely managed by utilities that are owned and operated by the government. It was hence plausible that the failures of Delhi’s electricity sector were ultimately due to inefficiencies intrinsic to the NCT’s political processes.

The Previous Congress Government under ‘middle(wo)men’ by giving contract in a not transparent manner to the three private power distribution companies in Delhi. Who allegedly inflated dues from consumers to the tune of a whopping Rs 8,000 crore besides a range of other irregularities including suppressing revenue.


The Present

The new power sector reforms being rolled out by the Delhi government of Aam Aadmi Party is ushering in more competition in the distribution sector along with regular audits Which allow the Delhi government to add to the recent gains.

The one person who can claim the real credit for this turnaround is the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal who made the high electricity prices a major plank of his election campaign. Who is, even today, harassed from the members of Congress Govt like Pawan Khera. For daring to shake or rather break the status quo.

One can only hope that other states where power distribution companies continue to make huge losses learn a few lessons from the Delhi experience.


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