Delhi suffers….. Politics of bullying by the nexus of LG and BJP to stop the Kejriwal Government from bringing BILLS and SCHEMES for welfare of the People of Delhi!


Delhi suffers….. Politics of bullying by the nexus of LG and BJP to stop the Kejriwal Government from bringing BILLS and SCHEMES for welfare of the People of Delhi!

Delhi has a population of over 19 million. The NCT became self-governing by Constitutional amendment and parliamentary law. Then why the Capital of India is in a Constant Political Crisis? Has the Lieutenant Governor left behind his duty to serve the 19 million through their representative head of State, CM?

The LG has been acting as the stooge of Central Government. He is firmly convinced that he has obstructive powers over the elected government of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal whose party AAP has won the biggest majority ever in Delhi (67 out of 70). Is the intention behind to topple the Government and bring in Constitutional Rule?

The Chief Minister, again, in the Press Conference post presenting Delhi’s third Budget seemed harassed by the consistent rejection of policy proposals of the AAP Government by LG without consultation. In process, obstructing governance and hampering work.

What needs to be noted is that how the Central Government has dragged down India’s rank to 131 of 188 when it comes to the Human Development Index (HDI).

The index is based on three dimensions: life expectancy at birth, mean years of schooling and expected years of schooling, and gross national income per capita. 

Last week, the Government in Delhi, presented the Budget for 2018- 19 with key focus on education, health and measures to improve the air quality in the State. With the focus on welfare of the poor and middle-class residents of Delhi.

It seems that Arvind Kejriwal led AAP in Delhi has been working in the right Direction.

Unlike the BJP Govt. at Center, linchpin only on, vote- bank based politics, communal polarization in the garb of nationalism. Compromising the Democracy in hands of Crony Capitalism!

By the Human Development Index, Delhi ranks second. In comparison to other States, here, is the reason why: —

  1. Kerala– The state ranks No. 1 on human indicators is nothing more than a historical artifact. Growth private consumption led. Education under the influence of missionaries and British, significantly spread resulting in mass literacy. The CPI (M), has failed to take comprehensive steps to wipe out caste-based colonies, and a plan of action to ensure social justice in the health and education sectors.

If they had truly benefited from better education, health and women’s education, its crime rate (especially against women) wouldn’t have been so far above the national average. Of the nine parameters of crime studied Kerala leaves the national averages behind by a mile on seven of them.

2. Karnataka– Assessment of last three budgets presented by the Government of Congress shows that this government has consistently prioritised spending on welfare of SCs/STs, irrigation, and agriculture.

The State still does badly on urbanisation. Global and Indian experiences have repeatedly shown that productivity and growth are strongly correlated with urbanization.

Economic infrastructure inadequacies continue to hinder growth prospects. Large parts of Karnataka continue to experience power shortages.

Two crucial areas that determine long-term growth still remain neglected: health and education.

3. Gujrat: The growth strategy had three major components: Infrastructure to facilitate inflow of corporate investment; governance to address the requirements of corporate units;and unprecedented rise in incentives and subsidies to the corporate sector to attract investments.

BJP’s ‘Development model’ in evaluation has turned out to be hollow.

After the huge incentives to corporate units, the government is left with limited funds for education, health, environment and employment for the masses.

Gujarat spends less than 2% of its income on education with the result that 45% workers in Gujarat are illiterate or studied up to the fifth standard with the quality of education very poor.

Public expenditure on health is 0.8% of the state income, well below the norm of 4-6%. Gujarat is decelerating very fast in almost all health indicators. Forty-five percent children in the state are undernourished.

The state leaders boast of the highest workforce participation in the state; however, 93-94% workers are in informal and traditional sectors with low incomes and low social security.

4. DELHI: The AAP government, with a promise to provide quality and equitable medical services to each and all, has delivered on it after taking power and has steadily has increased the Health Budget to 12.7% of the State’s Budget.

It devised a three-tier health care system with big hospitals at the top of the pyramid and mohalla clinics at the bottom, poly clinics in the middle.

With AAP’s major emphasis on education. This year’s budget, 26% was allotted to Education.

The Govt. of AAP has earned new laurels by pushing the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) to desist from its regular annual hikes in electricity rates after decades.

Citizen centric schemes like Doorstep delivery of services, which allows you to get important works done involving government departments by a third party.

Ensuring High Quality of Life to her Citizens.

This, when, Lieutenant-Governor Anil Baijal

~ Rejected the Delhi government’s proposal to slash bus fares by almost 70 per cent.

~ Returned Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology Bill to the Delhi Assembly asking for reconsideration of the Bill.

~Rejected the Scheme, where the students are provided with loans up to Rs. 10 lakhs, the Government as guarantor.

~The Delhi Cabinet had on March 6 approved a proposal to deliver ration in packets to beneficiaries while they will be roping in a private company for delivery. The same was rejected by LG.

~Rejected the Delhi Government’s “Quality health for all” scheme.

The Delhi Government has proposed that if any patient in any state government hospital needs any diagnostic test and if that hospital cannot do that test for whatever reasons, the government will pay the cost to that private hospital or lab.

Again, we have to look back. AAP was formed to change the system and now the system is fighting back against AAP. LG is only the face of that system, that’s it.

Classic Example: The Delhi High Court set aside the appointments of 21 AAP MLAs to Parliamentary Secretaries in 2016 on the ground that the Lieutenant Governor had not given his approval. In 13 States, including Gujrat and Rajasthan, have MLAs as Parliamentary Secretaries.

There would be no hassles, no issues if AAP toes the line just like the other political parties. That is precisely why there were no such spats ever before.

The NCT of Delhi has the potential to Compete with World Class States. To become Development model for the entire Country. Corruption, Petty Politics and failure of Constitution Offices shouldn’t be coming in the way for same.

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