In the name of communal harmony: The Grand lack of Spine and Sensitivity shown by Congress


In the name of communal harmony:

The Grand lack of Spine and Sensitivity shown by Congress

 As the 2019 general elections near, Indian politics has started to take unexpected turns. The new modus operandi seems to be ‘Communal Harmony’. The way communal politics has become the only way to decide the political discourse of the country is unfortunate and not a good sign for the future of democracy.

The extremely unfortunate ‘Bharat Bandh’ of April 2 in protest against the dilution of the SC/ST Act by Dalits, was a culmination of the atrocities against the community illustrated by Rohith Vemula’s suicide, the Una (Gujarat) lynchings, Bhima Koregaon, and a horse-riding Dalit boy being killed brutally in Gujarat.

Recent events in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar prove that a stage is being set to bring the country back to the post-Babri Masjid demolition era, when cities were aflame and friends had turned foes.

Indian National Congress President Rahul Gandhi along with other party leaders observed Collective Fast for Communal Harmony. The Agenda was to “fight against the divisive & oppressive agenda by BJP towards Dalits, Minority & Tribal”.

It got nasty when in an event for communal harmony. Congress mocked the victims of 1984 Sikhs massacre of 1984 by inviting the Guilty Jagdish Tytler & Sajjan Kumar to share the stage.

To add upon the Hypocrisy that was in the air today to the fast organized at Delhi’s Rajghat, Congressi leaders were seen eating ‘chhole bhature’ from Chandni Chowk earlier that day.

Mahatma Gandhi, the man who fought for freedom and taught lessons of Satyagraha, his burial ground has been reduce to today.

Communal violence has provided occasions for all political parties to consolidate their own ‘vote banks’ and attempt to wean away chunks of voters from the stranglehold of other parties. Most of the post-violence social and political discourse is dominated by parties and their supporters taking pot-shots at each other


Moral of the Story

It is an appeal to the Public to not fall for such petty politics that has the potential to tear the fabric of our Democracy down.

There has already been so much violence and people have died. Lives have been lost. Property damaged. Politicizing the issue further will not only be insensitive but also Negligent.  

The situation at the moment desperately demands that when crony capitalism has shifted the polity Right-ward; when the media owned by them are ‘manufacturing consent’ in favour of the ruling, and the middle classes have been suffocated overdose of communalism.

We advocate for a mechanism in our system to ensure prompt service and report. The delivery of Justice to be made prompt.

A pro-poor economic and socially inclusive programme needs to be formulated. A policy that cares about basic Education, Healthcare and Welfare of the masses.

Kejriwal Government has working Day and Night for the same. Fighting the road block of BJP’s such as cronies LG and Election Commission.


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