The importance of two committees in Education and Healthcare formed by Delhi Govt


Healthcare and education are two basic necessities of every citizen. In order to fulfill these basic necessities, all the governments should be focused on improving their Healthcare and Education system. As far as it is for Delhi’s Aam Aadmi Party Government, these two have always been it priority since beginning and government  executives are continuously working to improve these. In the trail of improvements, two recently (in the week of Dec 10th, 2017) formed committees in Education and Health can change the businesses and  services in these two sectors forever. Lets see what these committees are and what they intended for.

1. Education: Fee Anomaly Committee

After a 2+ year long fight between the Govt of NCT of Delhi and private schools; private schools can not increase tuition fee arbitrary, the govt also forced them to refund the increased tuition fee. After the implementation of 7th pay commission, some of the guardians complained about the school tuition fee increase to the Delhi Govt. Acting on complains, Delhi Govt formed a Fee Anomaly Committee on Dec 12, 2017. As per the circular, the committee will be effective in every district of Delhi and it will be consist of following members.

1. The Deputy Director of Education of the District
2. The Education Office (zone)
3. A Chartered Accountant nominated by the Director of Education

A parent or guardian of a student who attend any recognized unaided school may register a complain to this committee if a fee or any other charges are being levied by the school. The committee shall examine and scrutinize the individual complain and submit its report within 90 days.

Image of full circular is given at the end of this blog.

2. Health: 9 Member Committee

Private hospitals are backbone of country’s healthcare system. Some of the private hospitals also known for recommending unnecessary tests, prescribing overpriced medicines and delaying the treatment to overcharge the patients. Multiple incidents have been reported and some of the media personnel have published reports based on sting operations. Recent incident at Max Hospital in Delhi was one of the example as a result Delhi Govt suspended its License and stopped them admitting any new patient. After a pile of complaint against private hospitals, Delhi Govt has formed a nine member committee which will look into matter of overcharged medicines and consumables by private hospitals. Committee is consist of following members.

1. Dr. Kirti Bhusan, Director General of Health Services (Contact)
2. Dr. K K Agarwal, IMA President (Contact)
3. Dr. R K Gupta, Ex DMA President (Contact)
4. Dr. Arun Gupta, DMC President (Contact)
5. Dr. Puneet Mahajan
6. Dr. Ashok Kumar, Dy. Secy. Health and Family welfare Dept (Contact)
7. Dr. Monalisa Borah, SMO (Nursing Home Cell) Health and Family welfare Dept (Contact)
8. Dr. Chandra Prakash
9. Dr. R N Das, Addl. Secy. Health and Family welfare Dept (Contact)

According to the complains received, private hospitals earns 500% to 1000% profits on medicines and consumables. Government will decide the profit rates based on the committee recommendations. Delhi Govt will develop a protocol which will be mandatory to be followed by all hospitals. It is expected that out implementation of protocol, heath services in the capital will be approximately 50% cheaper than now. The committee will submit its report by Dec 31, 2017 by assessing the private hospitals in following aspects.

1. Over-billing charges
2. Denial of services
3. Delay in services related to road accidents
4. Forcing patients to buy medicines from hospital’s pharmacy
5. Unpleasant behavior from hospital doctors and staff

Outcomes from above two committees will play very important role in country’s Education and Health system. With time, education and health sectors are taken over by private institutions and on multiple occasions helplessness of governments have been observed. This is also because of lack of importance and facilities in government run services. A development of guidelines and their implementation out of these committees will ease the control by private institutions and make them accountable for their costumers. This will also reduce financial and mental pressure among parents/guardians of student and patients.

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